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Joyce Sutkamp Friedeman

Dr. Joyce Sutkamp Friedeman, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Board Certified Advance Practice Nurse, holds a Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the University of Cincinnati. For over 25 years, she has devoted her counseling practice exclusively to clients who have impaired fertility and reproductive losses. She consults to fertility centers with insight that comes only from having pursued her own fertility treatment for 15 years.

Joyce's publications have appeared in professional journals as well as in monthly and introductory newsletters published by RESOLVE, Inc. Interviews with Joyce have been published in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati Post, All About Kids, Women's World and other publications. She has appeared on television news segments and feature stories; and has described her work on public radio health segments. She has also done many presentations to medical, nursing, mental health professionals and community groups on the emotional aspects on infertility.


Books by Joyce Sutkamp Friedeman:

Building Your Family Through Egg Donation