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Andrew Martin

Author Andrew Martin earned a degree from the University of Cincinnati, then graduated from nursing school. He has traveled all over the world to speak about Jesus and share his life testimony to college students even as far as Africa. He works as a dialysis nurse. He was the Pastor of a youth ministry for 29 years where he is passionate about ministering, especially to college students and teenagers. Andrew and his wife, Cora, currently resides in Covington, Kentucky, and enjoy time with their children and serves God at the Bridge Community Church.

Andrew enjoys speaking at churches and believes his life call is to help families and young people to know the love of God. Andrew has spoke on a few radio stations about his books on Kingdom Talk and WAKW 93.3. He has spoken in many churches about his books and about the gospel of love. He deeply is committed to spreading the gospel especially in using his skills at a writer, speaker, and preacher.

His book, "The Year The World Ended" is a book written to help families and to address abusive churches. He would consider it a great honor to speak at your church about these things and is open to be a guest preacher whenever the need arises. Andrew has a total of 8 children and his unique background in ministry, raising children, and working as a Registered nurse makes him a very qualified teacher in God's grace to address the needs of the body of Christ.

God called Andrew off the streets in 1984, as a high-school drop out and teen father he gave his life to Jesus. With God's help, he graduated from six colleges and married a woman from the country of Romania and together they pray to advance God's kingdom. Andrew likes to share his life story to reveal the grace of God that has captured him in God's love. He strongly believes that the theme of the Bible and the life of a believer should be love. This love should expand to families, all people, and especially for the whole body of Christ.


Books by Andrew Martin:

Crossing the Red Sea

His Vision, His Beauty, His Glory!

Living in Paradise

The Life of a Christian

To Be With God: We Must Wash Our Robes

The Year The World Ended: A story about finding God's love by the Ohio River