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George Piskurich

George Piskurich is an organizational learning and performance consultant based in Macon, Georgia. He provides consulting services and workshops in Instructional Design, Training Needs Analysis, and Performance Improvement to clients throughout the country. He specializes in e-learning interventions, performance/training analysis, distance learning, the design and development of self-directed/individualized learning programs for all levels of the organization, telecommuting intervention, and knowledge centers. In 1986, he was ASTD’s “Instructional Technologist of the Year,” and won the “Best Use of Instructional Technology in Business” award in 1992 for his distributed SDL technical skills training design. George also enjoys going on fly-fishing trips with his wife Janet Piskurich, when they have some free time.


Books by George Piskurich:

Classroom Facilitation: The Art and the Science

A Guide to Guides: Your Guide to the Perfect Fly Fishing Trip

Steel: A Story of America