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Phillip O. Smith

Phillip O. Smith was born in Wheeling, West Virginia, and educated at The Linsly Prep School. He later moved to Cincinnati, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in architecture from the University of Cincinnati in 1959.

From 1959 to 1964, he worked as an architectural consultant while living in Mt. Adams. He participated in designs for several buildings including the Blind Lemon and the Sasake Residence on Jerome Street. He was intensely sympathetic with the Civil Rights Movement. He chose to move to Puerto Rico because of its integrated society.

In San Juan, Puerto Rico, he formed an architectural firm, designing numerous schools, hospitals, custom residences, and public buildings throughout the Caribbean including the design for the Pan American Games in 1979. His home was a ranch where he bred the smooth-riding Paso Fino horses.

In 1981 the recession forced him to return to Florida, where he continued his architectural profession. He also began composing wildlife photography in the Everglades. Employing the same principles of composition used in architecture, he was able to create stunning photographic images in black and white of this natural habitat. He traveled and photographed extensively throughout the world gaining him a new appreciation of the inter-play between light, nature and environment. Phillip’s extensive creative talents were now being utilized.

During 2001 and 2002, he returned to Mt. Adams, visiting his early haunts and capturing in black and white photographs, the essence of his long-term love-affair with the people, the buildings, and the natural features of Mt. Adams. His sensitive portraits are approached with dignity and respect that reflect inner character rather than just attractive faces. He recently stated “I have a deep appreciation of the beauty of nature, architecture, and the residents who continue to create the Mt. Adams community.” He presents it to you in this publication.

Phillip resides in Lighthouse Point, Florida, where he continues his photographic pursuits. His photography is represented in the Cincinnati Art Museum.


Books by Phillip O. Smith:

Mt. Adams In Black and White