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The Counsel of Many: Selecting Your Personal Advisors

by Dr. Gary Sallquist

God places many counselors in the lives of each of us. These include family and friends, but others are professionals you may already know: spiritual advisor career mentor, financial planner, insurance advisors, accountant, investment advisor, attorney, doctor. Think about it: in one way or another, these are the people we entrust with many (the most important aspects of our lives-medical needs, finances, career, and spiritual life, to name a few. The Counsel of Many: Selecting Your Personal Advisors will help you carefully evaluate and select professional advisors important to your life, show you how together they are members of your own personal advisory team, assist you in working with your personal advisory team to integrate the different facets of your life and make decisions that advance the work of God's kingdom. Wherever you are in your life's journey, your career, and your Christian walk, the members of your personal advisory team can help you put your faith into action h every aspect of your life. In the press of life, few of us take the time to inspect the relationships that inevitably shape who we are and who we will become.... The Counsel of Many: Selecting Your Personal Advisors offers an excellent guide for building lasting relationships that will enable the reader to maximize his potential and offer depth and richness to the fabric of life.


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