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Easy Money

by Norm Maher

Dick Brown is a Deputy Sheriff in a high−end Ohio township, bored with his job, fed up with his wife and trying hard to hang on to his randy girlfriend, a waitress who wants to write movies. Desperate, he comes up with a plan to steal eight million dollars from an armored car and with the money and lady, fly out of the country.

He calls on an ex−Army buddy in the L.A. barrio to help, an auto mechanic who also robs banks with his cousin. The gang gets the money but they’re double−crossed and Dick goes scrambling after it.

In the tangle of lies, betrayal and murder are two former Navy Seals, an ambitious Chicago detective, a Merrill Lynch broker, a bent Mexican cop, a rogue banker, a couple of lusty women with an eye on the payoff, a somber foreign official and government hit men.

A nasty business, full of twists and jolts, that take Dick across the US, Canada and into South America fighting off people with a terminal case of greed, trying to hang on to the money until the unexpected finale.