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Grandmother Wore White Gloves

edited by Linda Johnson

Who and what tells the story of life from one generation to another? Who passes these stories along? What memories do we wish to make permanent? The idea for this book came from the play, The Dining Room by A. R. Gumey.

Changes in the manners of our society certainly are not limited to table settings. Anne White wrote in her essay “On being a mom,” “Times have changed. My grandmother wore white gloves to the bakery; my mother wore white gloves to church; I wore white gloves on my wedding day; my daughter wears white gloves when it’s cold.”

What would our grandmothers or maiden aunts say to us about the manners/etiquette of their days? How would they react to ours today? This book is filled with stories of families- memories of the past that help us understand the present and perhaps the future.