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His Vision, His Beauty, His Glory!

by Andrew Martin

This 26-week journey into His Vision, His Beauty and His Glory will change your eyes, your heart and your mind about the Christian walk. Please read one chapter a week and explore Jesus’ heart and mind deeper and share with others including those in your church and Bible study. Many in our generation are confused about what it means to live as a Christian. Many young people are asking, "Is there really a God who created me, loves me, and has a purpose for my life?" Our nation needs a great revival of the Holy Spirit like in the early house church ministry where the disciples of Jesus prayed and sought God with all their hearts.

Young people are driven with the fear of death and the growing plague of sin that drives them to many counterfeit religions including new age ideas that do not align with the gospel of Jesus. The illiteracy of the Bible is growing in America, His Vision, His Beauty and His Glory is for anyone who wants to discover the beautiful world where God reigns and He guides His servants to see the world with His Vision, His Beauty and His Glory. Our Lord Jesus is coming soon! His Vision, His Beauty and His Glory is a must read for anyone who is serious about living for Christ.