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One Last Hurrah

by Mark Smith & Brenda Smith
with Elaine Long

One Last Hurrah allows the reader to experience a story of inspiration, inject their own experiences, unlike other books, so that the reader documents their own life story. This is, not only, a book about a former professional wrestler overcoming loss, but his journey in finding purpose and peace. The book, One Last Hurrah, documents medical miracles, overcoming abuse and experiences with drug addiction. Mark and Brenda , both, come from broken homes and have found their calling in life working with youth/children for over 15 years.

This is more than a book, it's an avenue for people to allow their life story to become a legacy. Mark's life will help others understand that doors (opportunities) are opening in lives while others close. Everyone has opportunities but must gather the strength to go forward. This book will relate with those familiar with abuse, divorce, depression, foster parents, foster children and coping with loss.

This will inspire and enable the reader to inspire One of the most important messages of the book is that every reader has a story. Everyone has life experiences that can inspire hurting individuals. The book allows the reader to recount their experiences so it may be organized and powerful to help that hurting friend or family member. When Mark began writing and thinking this book would be "just" an autobiography, he had no idea the book would enable readers to document their own experiences. Mark is inspired that you should be able to share your story.